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Welcome to Happy Tails Pet Spa, where we believe in providing top-notch grooming services to enhance the well-being of your furry friends.

Established in February 2012, Happy Tails Pet Spa was founded by Jennifer Guilliam, a seasoned grooming professional with over 20 years of experience. Starting as a pet bather at the age of 16, Jennifer's passion for maintaining pet coats in optimal condition led to the creation of a grooming spa for dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

Mission & Values

At Happy Tails Pet Spa, our mission is to prioritize your pet's safety and comfort during the grooming process. We focus on stress-free experiences, closely monitoring your pet's body language and avoiding any actions that could cause discomfort. Education is key, and we empower pet parents with insights into proper coat maintenance. Our expertise extends beyond dogs to include specialization in grooming cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs on select days.

Meet Our Team

Jennifer (Owner/Founder)

With over two decades of grooming experience, Jennifer is a grooming industry enthusiast who continuously enhances her skills through seminars. She not only grooms dogs, cats, and rabbits but also offers Pet CPR & First Aid training starting in January 2024.

Jenny, Stephanie, Nicole, Anahi, Brittany (Groomers)

Our team of experienced groomers brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the spa. From shadowing established groomers to attending yearly seminars, each member is dedicated to providing top-quality grooming services.

Americus, Courtney, Hilario (Bathers)

Our bathing team, with a combined experience of over 4 years, is enthusiastic about their roles. Their commitment to learning and passion for pet care contribute to a positive grooming experience.

Lisa, Jessica (Receptionists)

Our welcoming receptionists, with a combined experience of over 3 years, ensure a smooth customer experience, answering queries, and educating clients about proper coat maintenance.

Facility and Equipment

Our 2000 square foot facility boasts three tubs and over 22 kennels, ensuring a spacious and comfortable environment.

Cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs are groomed in a separate area, away from dogs. We prioritize cleanliness, using pet-safe disinfectants and UV light sanitation equipment for tools, tables, and kennels.

Certifications & Training

All team members are Pet CPR certified and attend yearly grooming seminars to stay updated on the latest industry trends..


Jennifer is a proud member of The California Professional Pet Grooming Association.

Visit Happy Tails Pet Spa for a grooming experience where your pet's happiness and health take center stage!

Our Location:

9131 Citrus Ave, Suite F

Fontana, CA 92335

Phone (909) 355-5100

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